Tjedan novca – obavijest

U ovome tjednu obilježavamo Svjetski i Europski tjedan novca. Pozivamo vas na sudjelovanje u aktivnostima koje se organiziraju na europskoj i svjetskoj razini. Više pročitajte u tekstu.
The day has arrived – Global Money Week 2016 starts on 14th and will last till March 20th! I would like to remind you that there are plenty of competitions and challenges planned for #GMW2016, and we hope for participation of children and youth from Croatia as well!
Participate and challenge others!
1)       GMW Selfie Challenge: – hashtag #G
2)       My Money Box Challenge:
3)       World’s largest Piggy Bank/ Money Box Challenge:
Join the fun! Form a team. Challenge your friends. Be creative. Win!
Do not forget to follow @Childfinance and @GlobalMoneyWeek on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram to stay tuned about GMW events all over the world, and please use hashtags #GMW2016 and #GlobalMoneyWeek to share your posts with the world! Read more in our Prep and Communications packages here –
Please do not forget that the final deadline for reporting your activities and photos is April 7, 2016.
We wish you a wonderful #GMW2016, and looking forward to see all these pictures and videos from your country!


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About the Author: Daliborka Pavošević